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Maguse hot spring
We use selected soy source. Japanese wine and Mirin (sweet sake) for our eel and dishes. Soy source is the base of Japanese seasoning and the taste of dishes depend on it. We get highly qualified soy sourve from North Kyushu region to make our original sorce for Kabayaki (broiled eel). Forethermore, we serve local Japanese wine "Mizuo", procuded in Iiyama. "Mizuo" is made from natural water in Nozawa-Onsen villege and rice in Nagano prefecture and processed in wine cellar covered by snow.
Iiyama, north region of Nagano prefecture has plenty of snow every winter. There are several ski resorts and hot springs near Iiyama for winter season sightseeing. You can enjoy traditional landscape and culture in countryside Japan. If you visit here in spring, a field of rape blossoms will warmly welcome and attract you!
About Soy source and Japanese Sake
Tsukemono (Pickles) is pickled vegetables tasted by soak, vinegar and Miso (soybean paste). Tsukemono is a traditional Japanese dish and it is really essential to have eel. In our restaurant, female master who came far from Kyushu region takes over our ancestors’ taste of Tsukemono. We hope you will feel the turn of the seasons in Japan with our seasonal Tsukemono.
About Japanese-style Pickles
In our restaurant, we serve Kijimadaira-Mai "Rare Rice (Maboroshi-no-Kome)", rice produce in Kijimadaira village. The rice us produced by the meltwater from the virgin forest of beech and local producers'hand working in fertile grounds. Locak climate in Kijimadaira as basin makes temperature difference which is essential for qualified and delicious rice.  
About Rice
About Eel
 In Japan, there has been a traditional food culture to have Kabayaki (broiled eel) for a long time. The Kabayaki is broiled eel tasted by unique source mixed with soy-source, Mirin (sweet sake) and sake (Japanese wine) and it is very popular in this country. People in Japan have enjoyed Kabayaki in several ways; in winter, they have eel with plenty of fat, and in summer, they gain stamina with hearty eel. Our restaurant gets the highest quality of living eel from Miyazaki and Shizuoka-prefecture and our disciplined cookers serve original Kabayaki through the full cooking processes from dressing and broiling every day. We hope you will enjoy our savory Kabayaki grilled by high-grade charcoal.
10 min. by Bus from Iiyama Station.
1117 Iiyama Iiyama-shi Nagano pref. Japan
Eel speciality restaurant, "HONDA" was founded in 1904. We are located in the deeply snowing region, Iiyama in Nagano predecture. We specialize to serve "Kabayaki" which is boiled fresh eel with sweet soy source. It is close to "Teriyaki" taste. "Kabayaki" is one of the most traditional Japanese dishes.

Japanese EEL Restaurant in Iiyama

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